6. Tokens

The next morning, Valentine wakes to a note from Xardic: “Urgently need your help. Please come to my office as soon as you get this. I will meet with you when you arrive.” Instead of sending the man back with a reply, Valentine says, “He wants to see me immediately? Give me five minutes. I’ll […]

4. Further Training

The next day, a footman delivers an elaborately folded note from Aramil. “What the fuck is this?” Valentine asks, “an origami swan?” The footman shrugs. “His handwriting is terrible. Can you make this out?” “He’d like a rapier lesson this afternoon, if convenient.” No valid excuse rises to mind, so Valentine scrawls a time early […]

1. The Sun Has Its Own Scent

Episode 1 of Man Raised by Spiders, the coming-of-age story of Valentine Claudius Shelawn. To: The Honorable Xardic Ceralac, Mayor of Liamelia From: Mindartis Amahir, Clan Leader of the Wood Elves of Xilomelia Dear Xardic, I hope this letter finds you, your family and your city well and prosperous. I’m writing to request aid and […]

15. Charon of the Xyrec Army

Soon thereafter, Inglorion returns to his flat in Amakir late one night. He’s discouraged, itching with the undefined misery that he feels in Artemisia’s presence. He didn’t feel comfortable leaving her with servants, but he couldn’t force himself to stay. She was drunk but not to the point of illness, and seemed inclined to rest. […]

9. Private Joy and Common Sorrow

During this time, Inglorion settles into a respectable merchant area in Amakir, and sets up an intelligence operation from scratch. Ajax handles all the logistics and record-keeping, including arranging a courier system from the heart of Amakir to the nearest Drow egress point, and all the way down to Inglorion’s household in the Theates district […]

1. The Magnificent Five

Volume Two Theme Song: Adam and the Ants, Don’t Be Square (Be There) … for good, clean fun (whatever that means) Our hero, Inglorion Atropos Androktasiai, Marquis Theates, stands in an underground corridor, gazing apprehensively at a beam of sunlight shining through the cave entrance from above. He’s lived underground for decades now, part of […]

38. Funny and Shameful by Turns

Inglorion and Ajax reach Liamelia, not without incident, but at least without injury. Inglorion tends to be careless of his own comfort; when he’s alone suffers from a vague Spartan sense that he should travel during daylight hours, headaches and bad temper be damned. Ajax dislikes the cold, and finds even gloomy January days distressingly […]