10. Going Headlong to the Devil

Why is Tereus so miserable? He could recite a litany of trivial complaints. Attendance may be thin, due to the scandal. A few families have cut their acquaintance entirely, and Tereus has found it too painful to maintain ties to the military community. They don’t entertain regularly, so much of fashionable society may simply find […]

6. A Thoroughly Nightmarish Evening

Soundtrack: Marilyn Manson, Get Your Gunn Tereus’ brother and sister-in-law, Lucius and Valeria, have returned from a diplomatic posting, and a ball is being held in their honor. It’s the first time the family has entertained in three or four years, and from the servants’ perspective, it goes very badly indeed. The new majordomo is […]

2. Sieia

Tereus and Lavinia have a son, Marcus, and a daughter, Sieia. Marcus has always been at boarding school, and stays in bachelor quarters when he’s in town. Sieia has been there all along, an infant, and then a toddler. Now she’s five years old, a sweet, fey, red-headed presence as lost and bemused as Fabius […]