64. Effervescent, Honey-Flavored Hope

From the beginning, Inglorion finds the task of turning five individuals into a team both absorbing and daunting. All five are clever, skilled and devoted to the cause. They’re also far from perfect. Valentine is a busybody: Rigid, convinced of his own righteousness and insight. Ajax is quietly efficient, and uncomplaining and uncritical to a […]

36. Θ {target} {action} Θ

Sleet begins to fall as they approach Hill #81 two days later, and the storm brings dusk early. Their hands are cramped and frozen in their gloves, and they can see their horses’ breath as they pick their way over a trackless jumble of bare limestone and thorny brush. Cave air wells up from cracks […]

33. Valykria

Another episode of Man Raised by Spiders, the coming-of-age story of Valentine Shelawn. The next few days of travel are uneventful. Though Aramil tries to take an interest in his surroundings, he’s subdued and sad as he reflects on the consequences of his actions. Valentine, on the other hand, is profoundly relieved to be freed […]

22. Valentine in the Battle for Liamelia

Another episode of Man Raised by Spiders, the coming-of-age story of Valentine Shelawn. Valentine shows up at the breakfast table the next morning. His shoulders and neck are sore, he feels weak and fragile, but he’s determined to resume life. When Sieia sees him, she sets down the coffeepot hastily, with a thud. “Valentine, what […]

4. Further Training

The next day, a footman delivers an elaborately folded note from Aramil. “What the fuck is this?” Valentine asks, “an origami swan?” The footman shrugs. “His handwriting is terrible. Can you make this out?” “He’d like a rapier lesson this afternoon, if convenient.” No valid excuse rises to mind, so Valentine scrawls a time early […]

55. Zero Minus One

Soundtrack and Video: Lo Fidelity Allstars, Battleflag Zero hour comes early. Inglorion’s instructed Theo to walk by whistling “Singing in the Rain” when the other slaves are gone and he’s leaving Antigone’s residence open and unguarded, with her alone inside. If anything goes wrong — if Antigone has visitors, or decides to attend the festival […]

17. The Little Drow Elf Can Kick Your Ass

Soundtrack and Video: Fatboy Slim, Weapon of Choice Inglorion is pleased but unsurprised when he ascends easily to the top of Lucius Junius Brutus’ classes. Collatinus has trained him well, and he’s made his living from swordplay for decades. The book work comes easily to him, too — he’s longed for formal instruction in military […]