31. Event Horizon

The first step is to see the Duchess outside the usual setting: Formal cabinet meetings and the like. He sends a note to Clytemnestra asking when he can have an audience, and receives the following reply: Your Lordship, If you present yourself at Her Grace’s quarters late this evening, I will admit you. Philomela’s private […]

6. Like Wanting a Unicorn

Soundtrack: Adam Ant, 20th Century Boy (T-Rex Cover) The world is slow to return, but eventually Inglorion finds himself lying on his back, playing with Artemisia’s hair. She’s curled up on his chest. Presently she gets a washcloth, sponges them both off. She snuggles up to him again, says, “So that’s what it’s like to […]

5. It Seems As If Everything Must Be Forgiven

Soundtrack: Adam Ant, Try this for Sighs Inglorion dresses with care for his appointment with Artemisia. Given the opportunity, he would make himself late striving for effortless elegance. However, there’s only so much he can do. Men’s clothing has begun its centuries’-long decent from the powdered wigs, embroidered silk waistcoats and high-heeled, jeweled shoes of […]

23. The Habit of Taking Beautiful Things

Soundtrack: Adam and the Ants, Digital Tenderness Once he’s accepted the family’s congratulations, Inglorion tries to settle in and reform his life. For six days, he sticks to a regimen of studying, training, domesticity, and chastity. On the seventh day, a Sunday, he receives a note from Artemisia saying that she’s returned from her travels, […]