52. Leaving His First Love Behind

For the first time in his life, Inglorion is entirely love-struck. After one evening in Virginia’s company, he’s gone from finding her intriguing and feeling excited about the possibility she represents, to the conviction that he must have her, and that he’s willing to remove any obstacle, overcome any objection. He wakes up the following […]

23. The Habit of Taking Beautiful Things

Soundtrack: Adam and the Ants, Digital Tenderness Once he’s accepted the family’s congratulations, Inglorion tries to settle in and reform his life. For six days, he sticks to a regimen of studying, training, domesticity, and chastity. On the seventh day, a Sunday, he receives a note from Artemisia saying that she’s returned from her travels, […]

18. Sentimental Matters

Soundtrack: Adam Ant, Baby Let Me Scream at You By now Inglorion and Lucia sit together at every meal, conversing in low tones. He is not consciously trying to charm her, but sometimes when he feels sad or uncertain, or misses Sieia intolerably, he tells Lucia stories of their time together. There’s much that he […]

16. What a Blessing Widows Are!

Soundtrack: Adam Ant, Doggy Style Inglorion has spent enough time in Amakir to have connections there. In particular, he’s determined to renew his acquaintance with a complacent widow, Artemisia, who will let him fuck her any way he likes, as long and as hard as he likes. He’s been without feminine companionship for five days, […]