52. Leaving His First Love Behind

For the first time in his life, Inglorion is entirely love-struck. After one evening in Virginia’s company, he’s gone from finding her intriguing and feeling excited about the possibility she represents, to the conviction that he must have her, and that he’s willing to remove any obstacle, overcome any objection. He wakes up the following […]

21. That Cruel and Masterful Man

Soundtrack: Husker Du, Dead Set on Destruction Over the week that follows, Inglorion feels a persistent sense of shame. This is the first time he’s ever regretted a sex act, and he’s not certain why it bothers him. He doesn’t confess it, any more than he’s confessed the rest of his unchastity, but he’s disturbed […]

19. Rare, Like Violets

Soundtrack: Adam and the Ants, S.E.X. The conversation with Lucius occurs on a Sunday, a half-day, so eventually Inglorion makes his was to Artemisia’s townhouse. They usually spend Sunday afternoons together, unless she’s traveling or he has a tournament. Today their lovemaking is leisurely. Before, Inglorion felt a kind of driving hunger, a need to […]