40. Burn the Witch

Soundtrack: Arrested Development, Tennessee Perhaps because of his lingering sadness, Inglorion misses Sieia acutely. Almost without thinking, he walks over to the manor house after he’s done with Collatinus. It’s just after the dinner hour.  If the family dined at home, they should be settling in to tea. Inglorion doesn’t recognize the young footman who […]

39. Androktasiai

Soundtrack: Marilyn Manson, Lunchbox (Dead to the World) Once he’s got Ajax safely stowed in a dockside inn in Liamelia, Inglorion begins his research by finding Collatinus. He figures that at the very least, the old man can give him the latest news and provide details about his later childhood and adolescence. He finds Collatinus […]

23. The Habit of Taking Beautiful Things

Soundtrack: Adam and the Ants, Digital Tenderness Once he’s accepted the family’s congratulations, Inglorion tries to settle in and reform his life. For six days, he sticks to a regimen of studying, training, domesticity, and chastity. On the seventh day, a Sunday, he receives a note from Artemisia saying that she’s returned from her travels, […]

22. His Desperate Longing to Be Good

Soundtrack: Eurythmics, Missionary Man Through all of this, there’s Lucia herself, hopeful, innocent. The first time Inglorion sees her after his conversation with Lucius, he knows that, yes, of course, she sees him as a suitor. She’s modest and pious, so there’s no flirtation in her manner, but she does everything in her power to […]

19. Rare, Like Violets

Soundtrack: Adam and the Ants, S.E.X. The conversation with Lucius occurs on a Sunday, a half-day, so eventually Inglorion makes his was to Artemisia’s townhouse. They usually spend Sunday afternoons together, unless she’s traveling or he has a tournament. Today their lovemaking is leisurely. Before, Inglorion felt a kind of driving hunger, a need to […]

18. Sentimental Matters

Soundtrack: Adam Ant, Baby Let Me Scream at You By now Inglorion and Lucia sit together at every meal, conversing in low tones. He is not consciously trying to charm her, but sometimes when he feels sad or uncertain, or misses Sieia intolerably, he tells Lucia stories of their time together. There’s much that he […]

12. A Considerable Heiress

Their adventures come to an end abruptly when a stranger approaches Inglorion in the taproom of an inn. The stranger is a gray elf, rare enough this far inland. His dress suggests that he’s a ranger: long bow, short sword, leather armor. His clothes are muddy from travel, and he smells like the outdoors. Inglorion […]