4. Further Training

The next day, a footman delivers an elaborately folded note from Aramil. “What the fuck is this?” Valentine asks, “an origami swan?” The footman shrugs. “His handwriting is terrible. Can you make this out?” “He’d like a rapier lesson this afternoon, if convenient.” No valid excuse rises to mind, so Valentine scrawls a time early […]

26. Already Dead

Soundtrack: Marilyn Manson, Angel with the Scabbed Wings (Dead to the World) Naturally, Inglorion seeks to console himself with sex. As always, Camilla is free and willing that very afternoon. He shows up and starts to kiss her with no preamble, as soon as she answers the door. He picks her up, carries her into […]

15. Dreaming of His Fine Eyes

Over the weeks and months that follow, Inglorion misses Sieia more than he thought possible. During their time adventuring, he was often thoughtless and selfish, as young men are. They squabbled occasionally, and at times he felt her presence to be a burden. The constant responsibility weighed on him, annoying and frightening him by turns. […]