30. Listening for a Miss

Life in the Underdark as Marquis Theates sounds exotic, but at times it resembles the life of a mid-level manager in corporate America, seen through infrared vision. Over the next few days, Inglorion attends a lot of meetings and briefings, and holds some. He writes and reads reports, resumes his usual alliances and vendettas. All […]

20. An Awkward Episode

Soundtrack, Adam and the Ants, Ants Invasion Live 1980 Bonus: Adam Ant, Ants Invasion Live 2010 Inglorion tells Lucius that he needs a month to think about his potential engagement to Lucia, to review his situation and decide what’s best. Lucius is dissatisfied, but agrees. It is a stupid request. Inglorion doesn’t want to marry, […]