30. Listening for a Miss

Life in the Underdark as Marquis Theates sounds exotic, but at times it resembles the life of a mid-level manager in corporate America, seen through infrared vision. Over the next few days, Inglorion attends a lot of meetings and briefings, and holds some. He writes and reads reports, resumes his usual alliances and vendettas. All […]

20. An Awkward Episode

Soundtrack, Adam and the Ants, Ants Invasion Live 1980 Bonus: Adam Ant, Ants Invasion Live 2010 Inglorion tells Lucius that he needs a month to think about his potential engagement to Lucia, to review his situation and decide what’s best. Lucius is dissatisfied, but agrees. It is a stupid request. Inglorion doesn’t want to marry, […]

17. The Little Drow Elf Can Kick Your Ass

Soundtrack and Video: Fatboy Slim, Weapon of Choice Inglorion is pleased but unsurprised when he ascends easily to the top of Lucius Junius Brutus’ classes. Collatinus has trained him well, and he’s made his living from swordplay for decades. The book work comes easily to him, too — he’s longed for formal instruction in military […]