54. The Safety Is Removed

Inglorion is lying on his back contemplating the ceiling and letting his mind spin free, as he usually does at night. The only difference is, he’s doing this in Liamelia, in Virginia’s sitting room. He and Virginia are lying side-by-side on the couch, holding hands. He has gone to some trouble and expense to remove to […]

Author’s Note

I’m going to resume publishing The Magnificent Five tomorrow, at the rate of one or two posts each weekend. I’ll continue to add episodes from Man Raised by Spiders on the weekdays, until I’ve posted the entire novel in this space. The two stories narrate many of the same events; The Magnificent Five is from Inglorion’s perspective, […]

Author’s Note

The first volume of Inglorion’s adventures, Early Years, is now complete. I’m organizing the next volume, The Magnificent Five, and plan to start publication in early June. If you need a quick infusion of hot elf, may I humbly suggest that you check out my first online serial novel, Man Raised by Spiders? It tells […]

Table of Contents

This blog is a series of fantasy novels in serial form. If you’d like to start at the beginning and work your way through, this post provides a handy list of all the chapters in sequence. The first volume, Man Raised by Spiders, tells the story of Inglorion’s younger cousin Valentine, who was taken captive during […]

18. Sentimental Matters

Soundtrack: Adam Ant, Baby Let Me Scream at You By now Inglorion and Lucia sit together at every meal, conversing in low tones. He is not consciously trying to charm her, but sometimes when he feels sad or uncertain, or misses Sieia intolerably, he tells Lucia stories of their time together. There’s much that he […]

17. The Little Drow Elf Can Kick Your Ass

Soundtrack and Video: Fatboy Slim, Weapon of Choice Inglorion is pleased but unsurprised when he ascends easily to the top of Lucius Junius Brutus’ classes. Collatinus has trained him well, and he’s made his living from swordplay for decades. The book work comes easily to him, too — he’s longed for formal instruction in military […]

15. Dreaming of His Fine Eyes

Over the weeks and months that follow, Inglorion misses Sieia more than he thought possible. During their time adventuring, he was often thoughtless and selfish, as young men are. They squabbled occasionally, and at times he felt her presence to be a burden. The constant responsibility weighed on him, annoying and frightening him by turns. […]