32. No More Than 108

Soundtrack: Venetian Snares, Aanguish Inglorion finds it difficult to fall into trance. The stone bench is hard; he’s distracted by the unfamiliar sensation of cold radiating from his tattoo; he hasn’t eaten since he came to the Underdark. His cell is remote and quiet, so there’s no one to ask about details of schedule. He’s […]

31. The Gods Made Us as We Are

Clytemnestra leads him back to the little cell. On the way, she explains, “You will receive a clan tattoo tonight, such as a child would receive. Tomorrow, you will be sworn to Lolth, and take your Drow name. That will make you an adult member of the Theates clan. Your weapons will be returned to […]

27. A Partial and Uncertain Gift

Soundtrack: L7, Shitlist Inglorion walks into the Gypsy encampment as if he knows where he’s going. He can’t be sure, of course. It’s been 30 years. Human lifespans being what they are, Krysztof may be dead or incapacitated by age. The cobbler’s wagon is where it was before, though. Inglorion shrugs to himself and knocks on […]

26. Already Dead

Soundtrack: Marilyn Manson, Angel with the Scabbed Wings (Dead to the World) Naturally, Inglorion seeks to console himself with sex. As always, Camilla is free and willing that very afternoon. He shows up and starts to kiss her with no preamble, as soon as she answers the door. He picks her up, carries her into […]