41. Sheltering the Flame

Soundtrack, Part 1: Marilyn Manson, Rock ‘n’ Roll Nigger (Live 1999) Part 2: David Bowie, Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide (Live 1973) The inn Inglorion has chosen is by the dockyard, a long walk from the Shelawn family townhouse. It’s late — just before midnight — and the streets are quiet. Inglorion’s boots echo on brick, […]

40. Burn the Witch

Soundtrack: Arrested Development, Tennessee Perhaps because of his lingering sadness, Inglorion misses Sieia acutely. Almost without thinking, he walks over to the manor house after he’s done with Collatinus. It’s just after the dinner hour.  If the family dined at home, they should be settling in to tea. Inglorion doesn’t recognize the young footman who […]