9. Krysztof, Cobbler King of the Gypsies

Inglorion made his promise to Sieia in the spur of the moment, without considering what it would entail to run away with his little sister and seek their fortunes elsewhere. He begins to plan their escape immediately, and is frankly shocked at the difficulties it presents. He starts by pulling together his small funds, and selling […]

8. I Don’t Want to Be There

Soundtrack: Pixies, I Bleed (Demo 2) Everyone — family, servants guests — starts combing the grounds, knocking on the doors of nearby houses, searching the streets and alleys and parks. In such a wealthy neighborhood, everything is accounted for and children are seldom lost. Sieia’s disappearance raises fears of murder, abduction and kidnapping. Inglorion has […]

7. Beneath, Something Worse Is Waiting

Soundtrack: Tool, Jerk-Off Live Inglorion’s trance ends around 11:00 on Friday, his day off. He doesn’t make a deliberate decision to fast — he does it thoughtlessly, out of habit. By noon he’s in the gardener’s quarters, training with Collatinus. After an hour of strike drills, he finally starts to settle down, to feel calm […]

6. A Thoroughly Nightmarish Evening

Soundtrack: Marilyn Manson, Get Your Gunn Tereus’ brother and sister-in-law, Lucius and Valeria, have returned from a diplomatic posting, and a ball is being held in their honor. It’s the first time the family has entertained in three or four years, and from the servants’ perspective, it goes very badly indeed. The new majordomo is […]

5. The Things She Overhears

Soundtrack: Korn, Shoots and Ladders When Fabius turns 18, the atmosphere in the Shelawn household becomes much worse. Tereus’ sense of shame and failure have grown more intense. He’s restless, full of schemes that don’t pan out. Increasingly, his anger focuses on his beautiful wife’s shortcomings as a mother or housekeeper. Unexpected expenses, a poorly […]

2. Sieia

Tereus and Lavinia have a son, Marcus, and a daughter, Sieia. Marcus has always been at boarding school, and stays in bachelor quarters when he’s in town. Sieia has been there all along, an infant, and then a toddler. Now she’s five years old, a sweet, fey, red-headed presence as lost and bemused as Fabius […]