27. A Partial and Uncertain Gift

Soundtrack: L7, Shitlist Inglorion walks into the Gypsy encampment as if he knows where he’s going. He can’t be sure, of course. It’s been 30 years. Human lifespans being what they are, Krysztof may be dead or incapacitated by age. The cobbler’s wagon is where it was before, though. Inglorion shrugs to himself and knocks on […]

10. The Flight from Liamelia

Inglorion seeks out Collatinus the very next morning, and they talk quietly in the garden. “You were right,” Inglorion says. “They can do it. We shook hands on it.” He adds shyly, “He said between 100 and 120 gold pieces, though. I have 17 GP saved. I don’t know how I’ll get the rest. My […]

9. Krysztof, Cobbler King of the Gypsies

Inglorion made his promise to Sieia in the spur of the moment, without considering what it would entail to run away with his little sister and seek their fortunes elsewhere. He begins to plan their escape immediately, and is frankly shocked at the difficulties it presents. He starts by pulling together his small funds, and selling […]