14. All God and Gophers

When they wake the following morning, Inglorion makes them a breakfast of fruit and goat cheese, and dresses Rosalie in the best of her three dresses for the trip into town. He has to put her shoes on numerous times because she keeps removing and throwing them across the room, followed by her balled-up socks. […]

39. Androktasiai

Soundtrack: Marilyn Manson, Lunchbox (Dead to the World) Once he’s got Ajax safely stowed in a dockside inn in Liamelia, Inglorion begins his research by finding Collatinus. He figures that at the very least, the old man can give him the latest news and provide details about his later childhood and adolescence. He finds Collatinus […]

10. The Flight from Liamelia

Inglorion seeks out Collatinus the very next morning, and they talk quietly in the garden. “You were right,” Inglorion says. “They can do it. We shook hands on it.” He adds shyly, “He said between 100 and 120 gold pieces, though. I have 17 GP saved. I don’t know how I’ll get the rest. My […]

9. Krysztof, Cobbler King of the Gypsies

Inglorion made his promise to Sieia in the spur of the moment, without considering what it would entail to run away with his little sister and seek their fortunes elsewhere. He begins to plan their escape immediately, and is frankly shocked at the difficulties it presents. He starts by pulling together his small funds, and selling […]

7. Beneath, Something Worse Is Waiting

Soundtrack: Tool, Jerk-Off Live Inglorion’s trance ends around 11:00 on Friday, his day off. He doesn’t make a deliberate decision to fast — he does it thoughtlessly, out of habit. By noon he’s in the gardener’s quarters, training with Collatinus. After an hour of strike drills, he finally starts to settle down, to feel calm […]

1. Early Years

Inglorion’s Theme Song: Adam Ant, Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter Inglorion’s child name was Fabius. He did not have a last name. His early memories are simple, and more concern a feeling than actual events. He knows that there was an orphanage before he was introduced to the Shelawn household at age five. He knows that […]