57. Giant, Clanking Brass Balls

Soundtrack: Onyx, Problem Child The drug has worn off completely by the following morning, leaving Inglorion tired and a bit hungry, but otherwise unchanged. He feels no guilt, just relief at having gotten over heavy ground lightly. He resumes his normal routine of training, attending briefings, and smoking aimlessly in the company of slaves. The Drow […]

35. The First Trial: Batshit Crazy

Soundtrack: Venetian Snares, Gentleman Soon after Inglorion is told to compete for the Marquisate, he and his rivals learn about their first trial. Clytemnestra brings the three of them to a remote chamber, deep in the unimproved portion of the caverns. The chamber is divided by a glass wall. On the far side, there’s a […]

33. Ajax

Inglorion wakes up in the same tiny bedroom. Aside from the bed, there’s a washbasin and a cedar chest. His muddy, travel-stained clothes have been folded and placed at the foot of the bed. He opens the door, finds an office or study, with a built-in desk and bench. It’s a bit bigger than the […]

32. No More Than 108

Soundtrack: Venetian Snares, Aanguish Inglorion finds it difficult to fall into trance. The stone bench is hard; he’s distracted by the unfamiliar sensation of cold radiating from his tattoo; he hasn’t eaten since he came to the Underdark. His cell is remote and quiet, so there’s no one to ask about details of schedule. He’s […]

31. The Gods Made Us as We Are

Clytemnestra leads him back to the little cell. On the way, she explains, “You will receive a clan tattoo tonight, such as a child would receive. Tomorrow, you will be sworn to Lolth, and take your Drow name. That will make you an adult member of the Theates clan. Your weapons will be returned to […]