10. A Familiar Routine of Flirtation and Seduction

For just over a year, Inglorion sets a personal record for sexual fidelity. He does not fuck women other than Artemisia, or even flirt with them. Over time, however, events conspire to draw him back into his old ways. He has legitimate reasons for dissatisfaction, if not for infidelity. Perhaps because their relationship has been formalized, […]

9. Private Joy and Common Sorrow

During this time, Inglorion settles into a respectable merchant area in Amakir, and sets up an intelligence operation from scratch. Ajax handles all the logistics and record-keeping, including arranging a courier system from the heart of Amakir to the nearest Drow egress point, and all the way down to Inglorion’s household in the Theates district […]

8. A Charming Young Whelp and Adventurer

Two weeks after they are reunited, Artemisia’s birthday arrives. Inglorion didn’t know when her birthday was. It hadn’t come up before, and it’s not the kind of thing it would occur to him to ask. Nonetheless, it seems to be a pleasant omen, and he’s pleased when she asks him to celebrate with her. He writes […]

6. Like Wanting a Unicorn

Soundtrack: Adam Ant, 20th Century Boy (T-Rex Cover) The world is slow to return, but eventually Inglorion finds himself lying on his back, playing with Artemisia’s hair. She’s curled up on his chest. Presently she gets a washcloth, sponges them both off. She snuggles up to him again, says, “So that’s what it’s like to […]

5. It Seems As If Everything Must Be Forgiven

Soundtrack: Adam Ant, Try this for Sighs Inglorion dresses with care for his appointment with Artemisia. Given the opportunity, he would make himself late striving for effortless elegance. However, there’s only so much he can do. Men’s clothing has begun its centuries’-long decent from the powdered wigs, embroidered silk waistcoats and high-heeled, jeweled shoes of […]

23. The Habit of Taking Beautiful Things

Soundtrack: Adam and the Ants, Digital Tenderness Once he’s accepted the family’s congratulations, Inglorion tries to settle in and reform his life. For six days, he sticks to a regimen of studying, training, domesticity, and chastity. On the seventh day, a Sunday, he receives a note from Artemisia saying that she’s returned from her travels, […]

21. That Cruel and Masterful Man

Soundtrack: Husker Du, Dead Set on Destruction Over the week that follows, Inglorion feels a persistent sense of shame. This is the first time he’s ever regretted a sex act, and he’s not certain why it bothers him. He doesn’t confess it, any more than he’s confessed the rest of his unchastity, but he’s disturbed […]

19. Rare, Like Violets

Soundtrack: Adam and the Ants, S.E.X. The conversation with Lucius occurs on a Sunday, a half-day, so eventually Inglorion makes his was to Artemisia’s townhouse. They usually spend Sunday afternoons together, unless she’s traveling or he has a tournament. Today their lovemaking is leisurely. Before, Inglorion felt a kind of driving hunger, a need to […]