This blog is a serial fantasy novel. The hero, Inglorion Atropos Androktasiai, grew up in an orphanage (as a hero should), the product of a wartime rape.

In Volume I: Early Years, he serves his god, chases women, takes up smoking, discovers his fate through a series of visions, joins a tribe of vicious dark elves, and is crowned Marquis Theates despite near-suicidal recklessness in battle and in life.

At the beginning of Volume II: The Magnificent Five, Inglorion returns to his home city, Liamelia, to set up a spy network and disrupt the slave trade. He receives a Letter of Marque to engage in legalized piracy, and recruits four flawed but charming characters to help: Valentine Shelawn, an escaped slave and heir to the Shelawn fortune; Aramil Augustus, a well-born assassin who was banished for idle highway robbery; Ajax, Inglorion’s Drow valet and right-hand man; and Lucius Scaevola, a half-Drow gladiator raised in a brothel. When a rescue operation goes wrong, Inglorion learns the burden of command. He also finds time to father a half-Gypsy daughter, dabble in cross-dressing, and fall in love.