Journal of the Plague Year 2021: The Long-Awaited Coup Attempt Finally Happened

I spent all day yesterday working in the lab, integrating engineering software and hardware, slogging towards a modest goal that seemed to recede as the day wore on. By late afternoon, we hit an error that we couldn’t clear and couldn’t explain, and agreed to adjourn for the day.

I got my phone out of the little locker where it lives during the day, and saw that the long-awaited coup attempt had finally happened. So I spent last night and this morning marveling at images of the Capitol under siege, and reading the reactions.

Like a lot of America, I feel tired, angry, frustrated. Apparently statesmen like Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) now feel — what? Ashamed that they failed? Frightened of the beast they’ve unleashed? It’s hard to know.

Take Sen. Loeffler. She has consistently played the role of the Great Lie Technique come to life, literally basing her campaign on robotic insistence that her opponent is a radical socialist. Does she know she’s lying? Does it matter? What’s my action here?

This is why I feel tired. Because I’m a grown-up. By law, I’m a critical front-line worker. I have to go to work every day and make tough calls and do work that’s physically and intellectually demanding. I have to meet budget and schedule and verify technical requirements. My shit has to go on the wing of a aircraft and work. I’m sick to death of political leadership that has the fucking time to launch a coup during a pandemic.

These are the same people who are too childish to take any steps to manage a virus that killed a record number of Americans yesterday. They can’t wear a mask, because it makes them sad, or uncomfortable, or nervous. They can’t get a vaccine, because they can’t sit still long enough to understand the risk-benefit ratio and make a rational choice. They whine that they have to have Christmas, or a graduation ceremony, or in-person church services exactly like the ones they’ve always had. They don’t like reality, so they deny it, and they push off the consequences on people who are older, poorer, members of minority groups, and people who actually do the hands-on work that keeps the country running.

These are the same people who act like same-sex marriage will bring about the apocalypse. People who just can’t stand the thought that someone who’s just a bit different from them might have a shot at love and happiness. Nope, that’s for straights. It makes them sad or nervous or uncomfortable to think that some folks are gay, transgender or intersex, so they insist that it can’t be, and all evidence of different must be concealed, no matter what the cost.

Fuck them.

So here are two short-term results from yesterday’s carnival of stupidity.

Hard as it is, I’m really, truly done with explaining myself or anyone else who’s just asking for civil rights. I’m done acting like I’m an outsider, and they’re the gatekeepers. You know what? I’ve worked within the system for change. I’ve voted, worked on campaigns, volunteered, and chronicled what I see. I’m a homeowner and a taxpayer, and I’ve worked hard my whole life. I’ll be damned if I’ll negotiate with a bunch of yahoos who think they can burn the whole thing down because their boy lost.

As long as the law allows me to change my name and gender marker, I’m going to do it, and anyone who doesn’t like it can drink a hot cup of shut the fuck up.

Also, there are a lot of politicians right here in Arizona who fed red meat to yesterday’s mob. I’m looking at you, Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar and Debbie Lesko. If you want power, you’re going to have to work for it, just like everyone else. Enough with the rabble-rousing and lies and idiocy. Get some real policy solutions for the problems facing the state and the nation, or expect to be voted out. It happened to Martha McSally. It will happen to you.

And as for Governor Douchey — I mean, Steve Ducey — time to grow up and do your job. This state is on fire. The hospitals are overwhelmed, and people are getting sick and dying on your watch. You need to act like a competent elected official instead of mouthing the usual line of bullshit about running the state like a business and allowing freedom and personal responsibility to flourish. My parents got sick, and my mom nearly had to go into the hospital. I go to work every day, and people around me are getting terribly sick just for doing their jobs. You should be ashamed of yourself. History is being written, and it will judge you harshly.

Total cases in Arizona: 574,680

Current hospitalizations: 4,877

Deaths: 9,444

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