Author’s Note

I have decided to suspend publication for now. The WordPress block editor makes the process of editing exhausting and time-consuming, and destroys my pleasure in writing.

I can’t easily express how much it saddens me to do this. Since I first began writing Man Raised by Spiders, this project has consumed what little time I have outside of work. When I wasn’t writing, I was thinking about writing — dreaming about upcoming chapters and stories, and living in the world I’d created. My greatest pleasures, hopes, fears and griefs took fictional form here.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll decide whether to change blogging services, or to take my project offline. I do know that my time is precious, and I can’t spend it wrestling with bad software. The fact that block editing is the future of WordPress tells me that they’ve decided not to support writers of original content.

I leave you to decide who and what they’re actually supporting.


J.A. Thompson

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