Journal of the Plague Year 2020: Ridicule Is Nothing to Be Scared of

hussar jacket
My hussar jacket and fox stole appeared in the background of today’s telemedicine call. Oops.

First things first: I’m pausing a day or two before publishing the next episodes of Inglorion in the Elysian Fields. I had and insight about grief this morning, and want to spend a bit of time sautéing and simmering it down into the savory helping of Hot Elf that you’ve come to expect. Like bolognese sauce, these things can’t be rushed.

While I’m here, I’ll scatter a handful of links. Consider them confetti for our troubled times.

This week’s poignant story: Navy veteran Christopher David asks federal officers, “Why are you not honoring your oath to the Constitution?” I’d like to say that sparked an enlightened dialog. They gassed him and broke his hand instead.

The initial news reports came from Lawfare, a specialized blog covering legal questions bearing on national security. I’ve read Lawfare for years, and proudly wear a T-shirt bearing their ominous tagline: “From the Depths of the Deep State: Hard National Security Choices.” Along with the more liberal Just Security, they’ve provided sober, expert analysis of the Trump Administration from a legal and national security perspective. Turns out, the presence of federal officers in Portland is not entirely without legal justification. Even so, Christopher David’s question stands. “Some justification can be found,” is not the same thing as good public policy.

Andrew Cuomo is taking his show on the road, spreading the good word about how to drive down the infection rate and save lives. Let me be the first to beg Mayor Regina Romero of Tucson to bring him to Baja Arizona. Romero’s been courageous. Tucson deserves this.

No roundup of pandemic oddities would be complete without a selection from The Guardian’s delightful series, Genderqueer Generation. Turns out teenage “beauty boys” have discovered makeup. The look is incredibly sweet and sexy, and Adam Marshall’s makeup is gorgeous!

However… kids today didn’t invent that anymore than they invented sex. If you doubt me, take a moment to watch the original Prince Charming. Reader, trust me when I say that ridicule is nothing to be scared of. I should know.

Confirmed Covid-19 cases in Arizona: 145,183
Current hospitalizations: 3,084
Deaths: 2,784

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