Journal of the Plague Year 2020: Enjoy the Bossy Macho

This afternoon, I suddenly felt quite happy.

I’ve noticed that both happiness and misery spring from trivial causes, but that it’s wiser to notice the former, and to treat the latter with lordly indifference. Here, then, are my reasons for happiness:

I actually enjoy going to El Rio to pick up prescriptions. Today I went at 0700 — too early to get my prescription, as it turns out — and when I returned at 1400, the security guard greeted me cheerfully from behind his mask. “Back again?” When I left, he expressed an earnest hope that I got what I needed. I cheerfully waved my prescription bag.

I also like that El Rio took the Covid-19 crisis seriously from the start, and still takes it very seriously. They have a hand-washing station out front, a mandatory mask policy, a questionnaire, a temperature check…. They’re not messing around. Unlike the nurse practitioner I’ve been seeing for years, who said a month ago that she expected all of this to just melt away in a few weeks. It feels unfair to blame her for not predicting the future. On the other hand, if you ever catch me engineering on the basis of wishful thinking, please, for the love of God, call me out on it.

On the way home from El Rio, I sang “Wonderful” twice, and it seems to me that I’m able to hit the first lines, “Did I tell you how much I miss / Your sweet kiss?” with a bit more confidence and precision. Those first few bars have always fallen below my “natural” soprano range and above what I can comfortably do as a tenor. I hope this is a sign for my future vocal range.

Four guys came and trimmed my mesquites; I derived obscure but real pleasure from their competence and love for all things tree-related. There’s something very comforting about  professionalism in all its forms.

I realized this afternoon that when idiots from Florida say 110 is a dry heat, I can primly reply, “Yes, it is! You’re so much tougher than I could ever hope to be! I am a weakling. That’s why I fled your benighted hellhole of a state. But you go ahead and enjoy the humidity and homophobia without me.” This also works for Georgia and the Gulf Coast of Texas. Ha-ha!

Is it just me, or is this short column on cooking asparagus in a toaster hilarious? How about this bit on optimism? I think I might be getting punchy.

News flash: Andrew Cuomo remains awesome. I know some people can’t stand him. Fine. If you can’t enjoy the bossy macho, I feel sorry for you, that’s all.

I keep meaning to make the argument about how trans rights and feminism shouldn’t be at odds, and usually aren’t in real life. Then I get distracted by sexy elves. So, here’s that argument, brought to you by The Guardian.

Damn. I send myself a lot of links. More than you probably want to click on, or hear about.

I hate to leave you on a down note, Reader, but I have committed to putting out the data regular-like. Today’s is below. Is there some number of cases or deaths that could wake Governor Douchebag out of his run-this-state-like-a-business zombie madness?

I guess we’ll find out.

Confirmed Covid-19 cases in Arizona: 108,614

Current hospitalizations: 3,421

Deaths: 1,963

Recoveries: 12,803

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