Journal of the Plague Year 2020: Tucson Street Art Edition

I don’t have words for a lot of what’s happening. The symptoms in my own neighborhood hit me the hardest. So today I’ll share some of the signs and murals and street art that I see on my morning walks.

george floyd
This gorgeous memorial to George Floyd appeared just a block from my house.
el tiradito
A memorial for Adrian Ingram Lopez at El Tiradito, a Barrio Viejo shrine dating back to the late 19th century. As he died in custody of the Tucson Police Department, he cried out for his grandmother: “Nana ayudame!”
dunbar-spring yard art
Yard art that was posted in Dunbar-Spring during the shutdown, and modified after George Floyd’s death. “Just Breathe” became “I Can’t Breathe.”
black lives matter
A pretty little homemade sign, also a few blocks from my home in Dunbar-Spring.
essential worker sign
One of my neighborhood’s charming traffic circles, with a handmade sign reminding us that we’re all essential. The metal street sign points to the former homes of historic residents.

Tucson is the most magical place I know. Inglorion in the Elysian Fields is a love letter to the the people and history of Baja Arizona. The hardest thing is knowing that I can’t possibly capture all the beauty and heartache of my home.

Confirmed Covid-19 Cases in Arizona (as of June 24): 63,030

Current hospitalizations: 2,453

Deaths: 1,490

Recoveries: 8,139

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