Journal of the Plague Year 2020: Hit It ‘Til Candy Spills Out

Things that did my heart good today:

I keep yapping about how New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is the perfect, gruff dad for his state and the nation. It’s because it’s true. Today, a long, impassioned and canny speech about how political change happens. Dad says, You’re pissed. You’re right to be pissed. Here’s what I need from you to fix this situation.

And an inspiring and loving message from Houston’s Police Chief Acevedo. CNN highlights his frustration with the president. What’s really remarkable is his mix of compassion and professionalism. More of this, please.

coronavirus piñata
Covid-19: Hit it ’til candy falls out.

The piñata factory a few blocks from my house always carries a few novelty choices. Now you can hit the coronavirus with a bat until candy spills out.

When I was driving to work today, I idled for several stoplights next to a young Hispanic man wearing a mask and holding a sign out the window that said, “No Justice, No Peace: Say Their Names.” Bless your heart, kid, for driving down Nogales Highway alone for miles, stone-faced, steering with your right hand and demanding justice with your left.

Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” was already playing on my stereo, so I cranked it up for him.

Positive Covid-19 tests in Arizona: 20,123

Current hospitalizations: 968

Deaths: 917

Recovered: 4,869


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