Author’s Note

The author is pleased — delighted, actually — to announce that the next volume to be published in these pages will be The Last Days of Tereus Shelawn.

These episodes will tell how Tereus founded Xialo, a self-sufficient farm far outside the walls of Liamelia, and how Philomela, Duchess Theates used the settlement’s isolation to take long-deferred revenge. Here Tereus will speak for himself, with contributions from his sister-in-law Valeria Shelawn, who kept both a public chronicle and a private, encrypted journal.

All of the characters in these pages are dear to my heart. I’m particularly proud of this story, I think because Tereus is deeply flawed, and his story is tragic in the classical sense.

Your comments and likes are appreciated; you may also email me directly at I welcome questions or feedback about these tales, or the characters within them.


J.A. Thompson

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