Table of Contents

This blog is actually a series of fantasy novels in serial form. If you’d like to start at the beginning and work your way through, this post provides a handy list of all the chapters in sequence. At least, it does when I update it.

The Biography of Inglorion Atropos Androktasiai: Early Years

  1. Early Years
  2. Sieia
  3. Rough Trade
  4. Weapons Training, Skirt Chasing and Pious Devotion
  5. The Things She Overhears
  6. A Thoroughly Nightmarish Evening
  7. Beneath, Something Worse Is Waiting
  8. I Don’t Want to Be There
  9. Krysztof, Cobbler King of the Gypsies
  10. The Flight from Liamelia
  11. The Adventuring Life
  12. A Considerable Heiress
  13. Fine Dresses and Suitors; a Home and a Husband
  14. The Purpose and Mainstay of His Short Life
  15. Dreaming of His Fine Eyes
  16. What a Blessing Widows Are!
  17. The Little Drow Elf Can Kick Your Ass
  18. Sentimental Matters
  19. Rare, Like Violets
  20. An Awkward Episode
  21. That Cruel and Masterful Man
  22. His Desperate Longing to Be Good
  23. The Habit of Taking Beautiful Things
  24. If You Knew How Much I Am Suffering, You Would Forgive Me
  25. Beautiful, Brilliant, Half-Mad and Entirely Reckless
  26. Already Dead
  27. A Partial and Uncertain Gift
  28. What He’s Been Looking for All Along
  29. Why Did You Come Here?
  30. Philomela Procne Arachne, Duchess Theates
  31. The Gods Made Us As We Are
  32. No More Than 108
  33. Ajax
  34. The Wild Card
  35. The First Trial: Batshit Crazy
  36. The Dignity and Nobility of Helpless Passion
  37. The Second Trial: How He Became This Way
  38. Funny and Shameful by Turns
  39. Androktasiai
  40. Burn the Witch
  41. Sheltering the Flame
  42. Proper Channels
  43. The Kingdom of This World Is Become the Kingdom of Our Lord
  44. I Didn’t Know Such Kindness Existed
  45. Patterned Motions and Cries
  46. The Third Trial: Personalized Moral Injury
  47. And So You Shall
  48. An Unenviable Domestic Situation
  49. The Usual High Cost of Blood and Treasure
  50. Ceremony, Vision, Illusion
  51. A Fucking Pity and a Waste
  52. The Museum of Aboveground Curiosities
  53. The Full Treatment
  54. Faith and Terror Shining in His Eyes
  55. Zero Minus One
  56. Trigger Point
  57. Giant, Clanking Brass Balls
  58. The Last Trial: Kicking the Hornet’s Nest
  59. Not Yet Wise or Predictable
  60. The Coronation of Inglorion Atropos Androktasiai, Marquis Theates

Inglorion’s adventures continue in The Magnificent Five:

    1. The Magnificent Five
    2. Alexandra, King of the Gypsies
    3. A Side-Dish for a Roman Banquet
    4. Bathed in the Scent of Violets, Indulging in Reverie
    5. It Seems As If Everything Must Be Forgiven
    6. Like Wanting a Unicorn
    7. The Magnificent Five: Ajax
    8. A Charming Young Whelp and Adventurer
    9. Private Joy and Common Sorrow
    10. A Familiar Routine of Flirtation and Seduction
    11. Rosalee, the Gypsy Princess
    12. Cupid Spouts Latin to an Infant with a Soaked Diaper
    13. Curiously Disengaged
    14. All God and Gophers
    15. Charon of the Xyrec Army
    16. It Happens When She Can’t Get Things Right
    17. Incidents May Occur
    18. Rude and Inquisitive Elves
    19. The Heir and the Penniless Adventurer
    20. How to Be an Adult and a Gentleman
    21. Hot Punch, a Plate of Biscuits and a Briefing
    22. You’re Too Valuable to Die
    23. You’re Been Forgotten
    24. You’re Just a Little Thing

Beginning in August of 2019, I’m also using this space to blog episodes from Man Raised by Spiders, the story of Inglorion’s younger cousin Valentine, who was taken captive during the Xialo Massacre, and grew up a slave in the Underdark:

  1. The Sun Has Its Own Scent
  2. Theates
  3. The Island
  4. Further Training
  5. The Labyrinth
  6. Tokens
  7. Who Sent You?
  8. Death Is Close
  9. Streams of Cool Air
  10. A Good Op
  11. I Couldn’t Turn Back If I Wanted To
  12. Matters Between Men and Women
  13. Lessons in Elvish
  14. Inglorion Returns
  15. Epic Luck
  16. The Gallery
  17. The Carnival
  18. We See You, Charon
  19. Flashing Eyes
  20. Blood for Blood
  21. You Can’t Be First, But You Could Be Next
  22. Valentine in the Battle for Liamelia
  23. A Sense of Imminent Loss
  24. Xialo
  25. A Fate Worse Than Death
  26. Welcome to the Company of Fugitives
  27. The First Rule of Thug Life
  28. Twenty Questions
  29. Valentine Claudius Shelawn Was Born a Citizen of Liamelia
  30. One Thousand Sunsets
  31. Aramil Augustus Is Banished
  32. The Road to Amakir
  33. Valykria
  34. Thick as Thieves
  35. Cactus Always Looks Smooth from a Distance
  36. Θ {target} {action} Θ
  37. No Secrets
  38. How to Keep the Game Going
  39. It Solves the Problem
  40. Charon Pallas Proioxis
  41. Throat Hit
  42. How Valentine Married the Gunner’s Daughter
  43. There Can Be No Real Objection
  44. Desire
  45. This Lesson Is Free
  46. The Weight of the Past
  47. Eralon Amakir, Esq. Gets a Beating
  48. Tereus Shelawn Was a Brute
  49. Eyes As Dark As Any Shelawn Could Wish
  50. Inglorion Atropos Androktasiai, Marquis Theates
  51. Threats and Promises
  52. I Love You. I Lost My Temper. I Made Mistakes.
  53. What Did You Do to Your Hands?


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