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This blog is actually a series of fantasy novels in serial form. If you’d like to start at the beginning and work your way through, this post provides a handy list of all the chapters in sequence. At least, it does when I update it. The Biography of Inglorion Atropos Androktasiai: Early Years Early Years […]

42. An Unsettling Preview of a Mysterious Adult State

Soundtrack and Video: Adam Ant, “Wonderful,” 2011 live acoustic Aramil and Valentine are gathering up practice weapons and boxing gloves, and preparing to spar in the atrium. As Valentine unlocks the French doors that lead from the armory to the garden, they hear someone singing, first softly, then at full volume. Valentine recognizes Inglorion’s voice, and is […]

39. The Spinsters’ Chaise Lounge Incident and a Masculine Demand

As promised, Inglorion introduces Valentine to his intelligence sources in Amakir. It would be unjust to call Inglorion a honeypot, but he does count several attractive, unattached women among his professional acquaintance. After a few weeks in Amakir, it’s obvious to Valentine that his older cousin freely mingles business and pleasure, and can’t imagine operating […]

38. Developing Actual Liking

Before Aramil was banished from Liamelia, he and Valentine spent a lot of time together. Though their tastes, habits and temperaments are very different, their friendship was tolerant and brotherly. They quickly fall back into their usual pattern, which means that Aramil is soon running tame in Inglorion’s flat, which is larger and better-appointed than […]